Photographer: Karen Catchpole Photography -

Venue: Thursford Pavilion -

Dress: Piepmatz Wedding lounge -

Suits: Slaters Menswear-

Cake: Quirky Norfolk Bakes -

Bouncy Castle : Norfolk Inflatables -

Catering : Wendy - Occassions of Norfolk -

Band : Joe Ringer -


There was so many things about Kath and Andrews wedding which I absolutely LOVED! Considering this was one of my busiest weekends in 2023 and this was my third wedding in a row it certainly was a weekend I won't forget in a while. With so many beautiful details from the personalised chocolates packages, as well as the high heel garage where you can choose your slippers for the dance floor. I love the decor of the deep red wine which can be found in the candles and the roses throughout the floral designs.

I loved how much fun they had planned into their wedding, The drinks reception involved heading into the museum and having a go on the carousel as well as the horses merry go round. Not only did the children have so much fun but the adults had an amazing time too! We used the Carousel to get all the guests together for a group shot! This was my first time I got to go in a scissor lift, I would say that it was quite the experience.

A little bit of background about this wedding Kath is originally from Austria and this is where they both live now. So it's only customary to bring in some Austrian traditions. From entering into the reception it was a slightly different walk in. But instead they both had scissors and had to cut their way in, once they had cut the heart out of the massive piece of material Andrew carried her over the threshold.

Throughout the run up to the wedding they had a little game going on where people were on either Team bride or Team groom. At the wedding they had a series of games from connect 4, jenga, throwing games and just a whole range of garden games for all the guests to enjoy. They tallied up the scores on their chalkboard to announce a winner at the end of the night. They also had a bouncy castle, it was great to see all of the children and adults enjoying this. You can see the couple portraits went well on here too!

The evening continued on as well as the rest of the wedding had been, from a choreographed first dance from the couple with some great spins and some awesome leans. It was one of the best I've seen at a wedding so far! The dancing continued it was great seeing all the guests on the dance floor with some incredible moves coming from all the guests! Scroll down and you won't be disappointed!

Enjoy the wedding as much as I did....